• What can I do with Exwire's Broadband? How fast is it?

    Surf the web…fast!
    Download Fast.
    With our service you can:

    • Download at speeds over 200 times faster than a 28.8 kbps modem.
    • Get e-mail the moment someone sends it.
    • Experience full-motion video, CD quality audio and interactive gaming.
    • Use graphic-intense web sites in a snap.
    • Do more in less time on the Internet.
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  • Is wireless secure?

    For the years up until fiber optic technology was developed (in the 80s), all of this nation's long distance phone traffic was carried over microwave. Everyone who made a long-distance telephone call used it whether they knew it or not. Radio technology is in use by the FBI, CIA, every branch of our military and more businesses are using it every day to communicate inside and between offices. Wireless technology can be secured. We provide the most secure technology available: VPN or Virtual Private Network technology.

    Our five level security architecture means your data and computer are safe. We use MAC address, IP address, access point tracking, User ID and password, and a VPN over an encrypted network. VPN/encryption package not available in all areas.

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  • How Fast is your service?

    Our broadband can be as fast as 12 mb/sec. Our standard package is 5 mb/sec. Over the 10 years we have been in business our standard speed has gone from 400kb/sec to 5 mb/sec -- an increase of 10x.Upload speeds are up to 2 mb/sec.

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  • What is "Wireless Internet Access"?

    Wireless Internet access is a way to get high speed, or Broadband Internet access, that uses a radio frequency instead of phone or cable lines. Exwire is providing high-speed cost-effective solutions for Internet access via wireless, NO PHONE LINES NEEDED! There is no need to worry about slow downloads, busy signals, or disconnections anymore. With Wireless Internet your computer is always on the Internet.

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  • What equipment is needed?

    All you need is a computer that can be attached to a network! If you don't have a network connector on your notebook or a network card in your desktop computer, we provide one for you. Battery backup is also highly recommended and surge devices should be used with all computers and their various peripherals.

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  • Will I have to learn anything new to use this system?

    If you already know how to use a Web browser you will find our system totally transparent. You are always online. You click on your browser icon, and you are online with no delay - no waiting for a free line or a connection.

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  • What does the equipment look like?

    The antennas range in size from a flat panel 7.5" x 11" x 3.5" (approx. size of a 1/2 ream of paper), to an 11" x 14" long round pole. They are all very lightweight and install like a satellite dish.

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  • Do I need a phone line?

    No! A phone like is not needed. The Wireless Internet connection is bi-directional, meaning your unit will send and receive information.

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  • Is Internet access unlimited?

    With Wireless Internet access your computer is connected 24/7. There are no time limits or restrictions of how often or how long you can use it. We do have limits on the amount you can download/upload per month, which are dependent on the package you choose. There is no way to reach those limits unless you watch about 100 Netflix movies a month (fewer if they are in HD), are sending/receiving huge files daily or do torrent filesharing. Our limits are in our Terms and Conditions document.

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  • Is this the same as "satellite" Internet?

    No! Exwire Wireless Internet is much faster with much higher monthly throughput limits, no weather problems, lower costs, no "cleaning off the snow" from your dish and works with any corporate VPN.

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  • Will I still need my modem?

    No! Wireless Internet connections do not require a modem. However, Exwire does offer wireless customers a dialup account as a backup to be used when traveling to areas that do not offer wireless, or in the event of a system outage. The dialup account is not meant to be used as a primary access method, nor should it be used in combination with a working wireless access system. Also, you will need to keep your modem in your computer if you use it for fax services.

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  • How long will it take to install?

    When a service tech is on-site it could take as little as 1 hour. More complex installations may take longer. Each location and house has specific needs.

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  • Will I get busy signals sometimes?

    No, a wireless connection requires no phone line making it impossible to get a busy signal.

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  • Is it available in my area?

    The easiest, most reliable way to find out is to provide us with your address so we can determine that. Click the "How much is it" button on our home page, then click on the "send me more info" button. On that page, just provide us with your address so we can let you know if you are in existing or planned service area!

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  • What's so great about Wi-Fi?

    Wi-Fi technology is becoming the way to communicate. Your laptop computer, your PDA, your home computer and soon your cell phone and car will communicate to our network and many others now using 802.11, or Wi-Fi technology. The technology's biggest advantage is that it's standard: wherever you see "WiFi" it works! With WiFi at home (Exwire's FreedomConnect package) you can be outside on the deck or in different rooms of your house.* The network we build to deliver broadband uses the same technology that our network on the ski slopes, in the cafes and even in downtown areas uses. With a portable device you can connect anywhere. In your home you connect easily, quickly and securely to your private network delivered over your Exwire Internet connection.

    *Getting coverage inside is dependent on the house. For full interior coverage you may need more equipment.

    **See your terms and conditions for details on our service guarantee.

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  • How does this access method compare to Cable and/or DSL?

    As with any Internet connection your provider is sharing access (bandwidth) with all of its customers, so your most limiting factor is the amount of bandwidth the ISP has available. Cable and DSL charge enticingly low rates for what they call "high speed access," but typically you will find your connection slows drastically when other people are using it heavily. You seldom actually get the speed they boast you will. You get what you pay for.

    Cable and DSL are not always available. DSL has a major limitation - distance. DSL slows down the farther away from the Telco communications center your connection is, and doesn't work at all if you are more than 18,000 feet away from their equipment (About 3.5 miles).

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  • What is the Business Phone System (Asterisk)?

    Go to the page, http://prophonos.com/.

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  • What is Surveillance Systems?

    Get information here

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  • What is Web Hosting?

    Web Hosting provided by Foothill.net.

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Speeds of over 10mb/sec – available mostly to places you never heard of – and your home.

One Provider – Everything your business needs: Broadband, Email/web hosting, PC Support, Accept Visa, Phone Systems and lines.

Why is Exwire Better than DSL, Satellite or 3g/4g?